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Meet our Alumni

Since 2022 Sales Booster has supported startups looking for new markets in Europe.


Agritrack SA 

A post-harvest automation platform tuned to optimize perishable food value chains


Professional IoT solutions for environmental monitoring to ensure sustainable business management


Autonomous Robots for Agriculture

ONDO | Smart Farming Solutions

Improve sustainability and profitability of small & medium size crop farms by unlocking enterprise-grade farm automation


Preserve Life by Saving Water


Translating the sound of bees to help farmers monitor pollination and increase crop yields and quality


A food tech company with a mission to transform the food industry through our sustainable ingredients and innovative food products.

Thermosolar Hive

Thermosolar Hive is a Czech invention that has made a big impact in apiculture world. It is a hive and a therapeutic device in one. It eliminates Varroa destructor thanks to solar energy without the need of using chemical products.


A digital agriculture solutions provider supporting workers in the agri-food sector through digital tools. The Agricolus platform comprises top-notch applications in precision agriculture, including satellite maps, predictive models, sensors, machinery connectivity, field data collection through apps, analysis tools, and sustainability indicators for the supply chain.


Ambition of empowering agricultural business of any size to mitigate the exposure to xrop production to pest pressure. Multi-sesnory and self-cleaning pest insect traps forming a system of early detection survillance that allows farmers to take better care of their crops.


Start tracking your livestock


Sweet potato pasta


We save leftover bread from being treated as waste and build an ecosystem around this resource.


Developing and producing natural functional ingredients from vegetable by-products of agri-food companies for use in the food, cosmetic, nutraceutical, and pet industries. With sustainability and circular economy as the core of our activity, we obtain, among others, natural functional ingredients, extracts, and healthy additives.


Plantway is a plant-based producer from Poland. Plantway’s mission is to create delicious and healthy plant-based meat analogs with clean label and fair price so that they are available to everyone.

Atfield Technologies

Atfield Technologies delivers solutions for data-driven management of vineyards. The platform Winessense® combines advanced software modelling with tailor-made hardware to address the key challenges in sustainable viticulture.


Rawdata has the mission of helping the agricultural sector to digitize all its pre-harvest processes to achieve a more efficient and sustainable agriculture. RawData is a modular and customizable agtech solution for digitizing and sharing data and information about everything that happens in the production of high-value crops.

Project lead

Izaskun Valle02
Izaskun Valle EIT Food South

Senior Regional Project Officer – Startups

Kamila Czerwinska EIT Food North & East

Project Manager on Startup Support

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