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Programme Outline

  • Application

Let us know where and why you want to expand and how you plan to achieve these goals.

  • Startup Selection

Selected startups sign a participation agreement, confirming their commitment to the programme.

  • The Programme

Sales Booster runs online. The programme provides tailored support to each startup considering its growth stage, current needs, and geographical focus.

There is a two-day masterclass with leading business and agrifood experts, followed up by individual work with the personal growth advisor.

The advisor will support the startup's exploration process, help them assess their needs, and develop an internationalisation/expansion plan.

  • Action Plan Development

By the end of the programme, each startup will develop an internationalisation action plan for a chosen country or for startups from other industries a plan of entering the agrifood sector.

Project lead

Izaskun Valle02
Izaskun Valle EIT Food South

Senior Regional Project Officer – Startups

Kamila Czerwinska EIT Food North & East

Project Manager on Startup Support

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