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Safelivery will develop innovative food delivery services and protocols to reduce the risk of surface and packaging contamination of “Ready To Eat Foods” with the COVID-19 virus and other agents


As part of the EIT’s Crisis Response Initiative, this activity directly contributes to the European Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safelivery is an innovative food delivery service suited to reduce the risk of food surfaces and food packaging material surfaces contamination by biological agents such as SARS-Cov-2, bacteria, yeasts and molds, during delivery of ready-to-eat meals. This addresses safety gaps identified in the production and the delivery process of ready-to-eat foods by providing:

  • Enhanced HACCP protocols to manage and control risks related to human factors and delivery conditions
  • Anti-tampering boxes with smart locks, which can only be opened through a key code communicated to the final client
  • Enhanced training for food handlers and deliverers.

Other possible impacts of this project include the improvement of consumers’ confidence in food delivery and the collection of information on food and dietary choices during the COVID-19 crisis.

Project update

A first prototype of Safelivery was sold in June 2021. The innovative food delivery service developed is based on an anti-tempering delivery box equipped with smart lock: once closed, the delivery box can be opened only with a key code communicated exclusively to the end customer.


Project lead

Foto Lucia Vannini
Lucia Vannini

Activity Leader

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Marco Gerevini

Task leader commercialisation

Stephane Durand QUB
Stephane Durand

Task 4 and 7 leader


Dissemination Manager

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Orla Cahill

Task 5 Deputy leader

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task leader

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