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RESTwithEU: Supporting the implementation of digital tools for the restaurant sector

EIT Food is one of the partners of this project funded by the European Commission


RESTwithEU focuses on identifying and developing digital tools and solutions that meet the needs and diversity of the restaurant sector, with a special focus on SMEs, start-ups and EDIHs. Therefore, the project aims to promote innovation by generating strategies for the future.

The restaurant industry has been slow to adopt technology and innovative digital solutions and due to the impact of COVID-19, this sector had to reinvent itself in order to survive and move forward. Thus, RESTwithEU will support and advise on the digital transformation of this industry through different strategies that are adapted to the needs of each business.

In this regard, the ultimate goal will be to address the main challenges facing the restaurant industry and finally help SMEs restaurants across Europe to follow the best practices

RESTwithEU invites you to join us in our effort to support digitally the European Restaurant Industry.

Please find more information about the project and the opened Call on the website: RESTwithEU

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