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2022 > 2023
This programme will boost innovation and market competitiveness in Southern RIS countries, by opening the path to place new added-value products in the market.
As part of EIT Food's strategic objective to reduce and overcome low consumer trust and transparency in the food system, RIS Future Citizen Labs is a programme that aims to actively promote and support a shift in engagement from…
Applications for EIT Food’s Open Innovation Call 2023 are now open!
Learning business modules from the scratch. Discover ways to raise investment for your start-up business and get acquainted with the concept of precision farming and innovations in agriculture.
How to make food system in your region more innovative and sustainable? How to unlock the potential of agrifood sector through smart specialisation strategies? Download the EIT Food RIS3 Guidebook and learn about the most efficient ways of…
EIT Food InfraBooster promotes effective use of publicly-funded research infrastructures owned by universities or research institutes and relevant to R&D efforts of private sector agri-food companies and startups.