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Scale-up and deployment of Mimica Touch labels to be universally compatible across various brand packaging formats

Fighting food waste with innovative food labels


This project aims to develop a flat label version of Mimica Touch (MT), an innovative, accurate and responsive food expiry information system which will reduce unnecessary food waste.  

Globally, a third of all food produced is wasted. Waste along the supply chain is a major issue affecting the food industry, with considerable economic and environmental consequences. Despite this, confusing and overcautious expiry dates lead to edible food being thrown away, in fact 60% of food wasted is still safe for consumption.   

Mimica Touch (MT) is a patented expiry label that turns bumpy when food or drinks spoil. It provides an accurate, real-time indication of a product’s freshness and is a game-changer for food industry sustainability and food education.   

This project will adapt MT to be universally compatible with various packaging formats, integrating it into current products and current manufacturing processes. The project will include consumer behaviour change and food waste research, as well as a Life Cycle Assessment to demonstrate the environmental benefits of integrating MT to packaged foods.   

This project will prepare Mimica Touch to rapidly scale-up, making it available widely across the sector. This has the potential to massively reduce food waste, as well as overcome low consumer trust in the current fixed date system.


Project lead

Pakštaitė, (Solveiga)
Pakštaitė, (Solveiga)

Activity Leader

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