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Metamorphosis – enhanced insect protein for aquaculture

Metamorphosis focuses on turning organic waste streams into a valuable, next generation aquaculture feed ingredient.


Metamorphosis will build on foundational work performed in year 1 in regards to conversion of organic waste streams into valuable, next generation functional aquaculture feeds, utilising insect biomass conversion and proprietary bioprocessing. In year 1, we identified top-performing and regulatory-ready Functional Insect Meals (´FIM´) by performing an array of nutritional modulation and composition analyses, and importantly assessing growth performance results collected through juvenile salmonid feeding trials. Metamorphosis will take best FIM a step further by fine-turning aquafeed formulations for adult Atlantic Salmon, and thus test their efficacy in a further commercially relevant environment. EU produced FIMs represent sustainable alternatives to fish meal and soy protein and will in turn support the predicted growth of European aquaculture.


Project lead

Birgir Smarason Pic
Birgir Smarason


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