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FOOD4SENIOR - High nutritional and sensory quality food innovations for the promotion of Senior Health

Developing appealing, nutritious food for healthy ageing


The FOOD4SENIOR project aims to develop innovative, easy to prepare, product ranges which have enhanced nutritional and sensory properties for older people.

Older people represent the single fastest growing demographic group in Europe, with 30% of the population being over the age of 65 by 2030. Meeting the food nutritional requirements of our ageing population in order to encourage healthy ageing is an important consideration for the food industry.

This project will determine the specific nutritional requirements which are needed to promote healthy ageing of our cardiovascular system, bones, muscles, joints, brain and eyesight, as well as gain consumer insights about the sensory requirements for products.

Helping our population to age well by making positive changes to consumer nutrition, will have a big impact on public health, increasing well-being and reducing health costs.


Project lead

Clara Talens
Clara Talens

Activity Leader

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