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Leaders of change

Good practices from change leaders in Horeca Sector

In the time of constraints and volatility in supply chains, increase in product prices, energy and labor costs and challenges with waste management, new approach to run and develop restaurant business and Horeca organizations is needed.

There are examples on the market of leaders who push to build awareness by integrating resources and different stakeholders responsible for each stages of food supply chain. Leaders who create a community around organization and business to fight the challenges and thinking forward building scenarios for the demanding future.

Let's meet Swedish, Polish and Finnish leaders sharing their opinions and knowledge on 3 aspects: Circularity, Partnerships and Real actions.

Sustainable Leader Canvas

Being more sustainable in Horeca sector nowadays is one of the most important actions to take. The new generation of customers, guests, partners needs more sustainable approach and actions. They also need new leaders, who stand for those values and implement them into day-to-day activities.

Download the Sustainable Leader Canvas