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Why the topic of circularity is so important in the context of the HORECA industry?

75% - as much food waste could be avoided by introducing changes in the entire chain "from farm to fork" and thus affecting the shortening of the supply chain and better and full use of products.

Currently, the world economy is only 8.8% circular. This means that only 100 billion tons of minerals, fossil fuels, metals and biomass are reused every year. As much as 40% of waste ends up in landfills, generating a cost of around EUR 5.5/kg, which is equivalent to 4.5 kg of Co2 and 7000 L of water. It is also estimated that the estimated impact of the circular economy on an important aspect of the environment - the issue of reducing CO2 emissions - is as much as 39%.

Circular solutions in practice

Download the summary of the "Made for Restaurant" conference (available in Polish) to:

  • Get a set of circular solution tips & tricks
  • Learn three basic steps helping to make your restaurant more circular
  • Get to know best examples of circular solutions implemented in restaurants and companies in Poland