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Citizen Participation Forum

Consumer insights at the centre of key agrifood sector topics.


The Citizen Participation Forum (CPF) provides EIT Food with key insights from consumers, helping us understand their needs, wants, perceptions, concerns and intentions around food products and the food system. This work helps us gain a deeper understanding of consumer attitudes towards the food system, their willingness, or barriers to accept new foods and innovations and how consumers relate to current trends in the sector.

CPF gives consumers across Europe the opportunity to become change agents in food systems transformation, through participation in forums led by EIT Food and its partners.

CPF at a glance:

  • Puts consumers at the heart of EIT Food and mobilises them as change agents

  • Online community with 300 participants from 13 European countries

  • Participants have a medium-to-high level of interest in the food chain

  • Members take part in regular open discussions, photo assignments, questionnaires, polls and focus group sessions.

CPF is now part of the Consumer Observatory, Europe’s central hub for consumer insights on agrifood topics.

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