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AGAPE Aquaculture Global AI Platform for Europe's Skills Passport

AGAPE represents an AI-based collaborative platform which addresses the EU aquaculture market, academia, consumers, and research ecosystems as the first innovative model of interaction between stakeholders.


AGAPE represents an AI-based collaborative platform. This platform addresses the EU aquaculture market, academia, consumers and research ecosystems. AGAPE is first in bringing an innovative model of interaction between stakeholders. It will broaden community on skills, capabilities and competencies, globally and in real time.AGAPE’s main scope focuses on promoting the transition from the ordinary aquaculture market to a circular economy approach in the aquaculture field on re-skilling processes and awareness of cross knowledge while answering to an effective market demand of competences. AGAPE also helps companies to understand the capabilities of their workforce, compare those against industry benchmarks, identify emerging and future skills, and address gaps with “build, borrow, buy or bot” strategies; ensuring an agile and evolving workforce plan that adapts to the ever-changing business needs.

AGAPE contributes to achieve the objectives indicated in the Strategic Guidelines for the Sustainable Development of EU Aquaculture for the expansion of the aquaculture sector across the EU, and relies also on the need to implement formal engagement toward more effective communication systems among stakeholders. Besides, AGAPE implement the EU Pact for Skills, ’21 more than 54% of all workers need re/up-skilling by ‘24. Lastly, it pursuits the goal of quickly adjust the changing requirements of workforce over the pandemic scenario across the globe. AGAPE PPs is composed by 5 partners lead by Milcoop BC, involved for the whole project duration.

Each PP’s is responsible of tasks as follows:
T1 (LP) MILCOOP BC (IT): Tasks 1) Activity Management: It includes all the activities necessary to achieve objectives and implement the actions: Meetings preparation, Project Review Meetings; Progress Reporting, Accountancy and Payment claims, Deliverable Quality Control; Proper Communication flow among the project partners and with EIT Food and PNO; Revision of project work plan; Internal audit on 4 month basis for ensure the quality standard and recover delays or bottlenecks.
T2 CONSORZIO GARGANO PESCA-BC (IT): Task 2) Route to the market for skills solutions: This task includes NewCo co-creation by a solid business plan including a commercial plan, an evaluation plan for joint venture among some/all PP’s for the commercialisation of the developed services to ensure the achievement of the Blue/Gren Digital transition objective and revenues goals.
T3 MILCOOP-BC (IT): Task 3) AGAPE PAAS: It includes the AGAPE Model Design (platform design) and definition of the core interaction criteria and the integration of all partners contributions.
T4 UNIVERSITY OF PELOPONNESE (GR) Task 4): Taxonomy: in this step will be collected online job demands written in different languages (English, Italian, Greek) and also job ads/demands will be gathered also from different, specifically websites such as CareerBuilder, Apec etc. synergistically with EIT (food) Educational Program Department. Will be explored the relationships between skills by mapping the connections in a network representation. Protocol release for AGAPE platform.
T5 FEDERPESCA (IT): Task 5): Training courses: Training activities have got two different approaches and results: international courses and professional trainings structure, designed synergistically with EIT (food) Educational Program Department. The professional training courses will finalized to increase “base competences” of workers in Blue and Circular knowledge focus on sustainable aquaculture, environmental and administrative knowledge. 
T6FOCOS (DE) Task 6): Communication and Dissemination: will be implemented the AGAPE Visual identity, PP’s release both, scientific papers and forefront articles. Periodic infographic of the project. Newsletter to stakeholders and community engagement on the AGAPE portal. The community as mentorship matched with the SMC enhance the means of C&D by real catch of picture, video even with Tik Tok, and comics. (project web site) (web portal)


Project lead

Marzano, (Filomena Milena)
Marzano, (Filomena Milena)

Activity Leader

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