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The agrifood is a sector attracting and increasing attention from corporates, investors and new funds

EIT Food role is supporting entrepreneurs at any age of development and advocating for the relevance of the sector as an innovation opportunity.

08 Jul 2021
EIT Food South

The annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) event took place in Fira de Barcelona.

On the 30th of June at 12 AM CET, EIT Food joined 4 Years from Now (4YFN) at MWC during the days of the fair, 15 months after being cancelled in 2020 because of the worldwide pandemic. The main goal of 4YFN is to connect entrepreneurs, investors, large companies, and stakeholders so that they could talk about new projects and future innovations in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Amparo de San José, EIT Food Entrepreneurship Manager for Southern Europe and Juan Zaffora, EIT Food Regional Startup Manager, led a presentation within the BStartup STAND, titled Promoting Entrepreneurship, innovation and Education in the Agrifood sector. Both professionals introduced the role of EIT Food in supporting entrepreneurs at any age of development and advocating for the relevance of the sector as an innovation opportunity. Furthermore, Alexander Campos, Business Development at NOVAMAT, a successful startup that participated in EIT Food accelerator in 2019, explainer their story and their evolution since the first original idea.

This gathering allowed entrepreneurs to discover the existing opportunities within the agrifood sector and give space for discussion and growth. According to San José, “Agrifood is a sector attracting increasing attention not only from corporates and investors already in the sector, but from new funds moving to this space searching for opportunities in the huge challenges in this field”.

With this in mind, “EIT Food Business Creation support entrepreneurs´ at any stage of their journey, from validating their market to scaling up their business to achieve impact”, added Zaffora explaining the support offered by EIT Food.

During the talk, Campos who joined the talk as a guest, said, “alternative proteins can be sustainable or not, NOVAMEAT is committed to the sustainability path” to which San José added, “the full potential of alternative proteins is yet to be exploited, but EIT Food is working on that by helping innovative businesses.”  

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