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Finland is a sophisticated market with a high standard of living, knowledgeable consumers and high per capital income levels

Due to the severe Nordic winters and a relatively short growing season, Finland relies heavily on imported food and agricultural products. Finnish farming is characterized by the relatively small proportion of arable land under cultivation, the large proportion of forestland, the small-sized landholdings, the close association of farming with forestry and stock raising, and the generally adverse climatic and soil conditions.

Organic farming, a growing sector in Finland’s agriculture

In 2018, over 12 percent of the country’s agricultural land area was under organic cultivation. Organic land grew steadily in recent years and is expected to total to nearly 300,000 hectares as of 2018. The most cultivated organic crop in terms of volume is oat, with nearly 60 million kilograms produced in 2017.

Finns love their dark rye bread. In 2017, in the vote organised for the 100th anniversary of Finland's independence, the rye bread was ranked in the first place as the national food.

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