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Baltic Sea Action Group BSAG

Elävä Itämeri Säätiö sr (Baltic Sea Action Group, or BSAG), is a non-profit foundation that takes effective actions to save the Baltic Sea. Their goal is to restore the good ecological balance of the Baltic Sea in changing climate conditions. They protect the Baltic Sea, prevent biodiversity loss, and curb climate change through cooperation with researchers, companies, decision-makers, authorities, and farmers. Although BSAG mainly operates in Finland, BSAG projects often extend into other areas of the Baltic region. BSAG identifies the issues that should be influenced and whom they need to collaborate with. They bring together partners, authorities, influencers, researchers, policymakers, and financiers and help them take concrete action. Engaging in broad, long-term collaborative projects is often the most effective, as they bring about more change than individual projects.

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