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For farmers interested in making their farms more profitable, whilst also making the food system better for the planet and people’s health, EIT Food is offering comprehensive support to help farmers transition to regenerative agriculture. The support includes two key parts:

1. A 2.5 day training session held on a regenerative farm and delivered by experienced regenerative farmers. The session will combine theory, interactive workshops, and farm visits. Importantly, participating farmers will learn how to apply regenerative agriculture techniques on their own farm. Key topics include:

  • Minimal soil disturbance - no till farming
  • Cover crops and crop rotation
  • Reduction or elimination of agrochemical inputs
  • Keyline design
  • Composting and biofertilizers
  • Integration of livestock and plants
  • Cycle management: carbon, water, nitrogen and minerals
  • Holistic management of a farm
  • Developing a strong business model and alternative sales channels

In 2022 we will organise face-to-face courses in Spain, Italy, Poland and Portugal. The exact locations and dates are below.

2. After the training, a small number of participating farmers will receive one-year of advice from an experienced regenerative agriculture agronomist. Through regular visits, the agronomists will work with participating farmers to design and implement an action plan to transition to regenerative agriculture and meet the farmer’s environmental, economic and personal goals.

Training sessions dates and locations 2022:

Fraga (Huesca) Spain: November

Selection criteria

The Regenerative Agriculture Farm Transition program is open to farmers who:

  • Currently own or manage a farm that generates the majority of their income.
  • Commit to transition at least 30% of their farm to regenerative methods in the year following the training session.
  • Show passion for regenerating the health of our soils, rural communities, and ecosystems.
  • Are based in an eligible regions in Spain and Italy.

If you still have questions about the courses or the eligibility requirements after reading this section, please contact

Deep dive courses

We also will be organising one day deep dive courses where topic experts will explain specific regenerative solutions to some of the most significant challenges faced by European farmers. These course will be filmed and made available on our website. Some of the key topics covered this year will be:

  • Soil fertility and crop management
  • Keyline design and water management
  • The grain crisis in Southern Europe and regenerative solutions
  • Holistic grazing and livestock genetics
  • No till, some till and direct drill: finding the right balance

The dates, locations and application process for these deep dive courses will be announced shortly.