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We believe that regenerative agriculture is a profitable and sustainable system that benefits you as a Regenerative Farmer, consumers, and the environment.

By applying regenerative farming methods, you can diversify crops and support their resiliency in the face of climate change. Thanks to practices selected for the specific field by EIT Food agronomists, you can scale your crops, which helps you to build secure sources of your revenue.

You also save on fertilisers and plant protection products. Agricultural products with better quality are also sought by consumers, who are increasingly conscious and tend to choose what is healthy and planet friendly.

Next Courses in Southern Europe

  1. 28/06/2024

    Regenerative Agriculture Workshop

    Where? Marinou Antipa, 551 02 (Thessaloniki, Greece)

    Intrested? Register here.

  2. 28/06/2024

    “Regenerative Agriculture Workshop” / “Εργαστήριο Αναγεννητικής Γεωργίας”

    Where: Perrotis College facilities (Thessaloniki, Greece).

    Interested? Register here.

  3. 04/07/2024

    Regenerative agriculture and sustainable nutrition training

    Where? Kerevitaş farm (Bursa, Türkiye)

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  4. 24-25/07/2024

    Viaggio nella filiera: nuove rotazioni, suolo coperto e colture (sempre meno) minori

    Where? Cooperativa Agricola Iris (Cavaltone, Italy)

    Interested? Register here.

  5. 27-28/07/2024

    Developing Ecosystems through Small Livestock Breeding

    Where? Rita Çiftlik İshaklı Mahallesi Trabzon Caddesi, 30 Beykoz (Istanbul, Türkiye)

    Intrested? Register here.

Regenerative agriculture supports ecosystem services – helps to improve soil fertility and water quality and maintains biodiversity and carbon absorption. Using this method can reverse climate change, significantly impacting crops, and contribute to lower global warming. What is also crucial, it helps to build the resilience of your farm to extreme weather events caused by climate change.

Polish Farmer in EIT Food’s Regenerative Agriculture Programme

Spanish farmer in EIT Food’s Regenerative Agriculture programme

How can we help in the transition towards regenerative agriculture

We understand the extent of responsibility that is on farmers’ shoulders, not only towards producing healthy quality food but also towards protecting the environment and maintaining healthy soil, and we want to accompany you in this process.

Therefore, we offer innovative farmers in South and Central-Eastern Europe a comprehensive training programme that helps them to learn about and then apply the principles of regenerative agriculture on their farms.

Who can participate in our training and advisory programme?

Our Regenerative Agriculture Revolution programme is open to farmers who:

  • currently own or manage a farm that generates the majority of their income
  • commit to transitioning at least 30% of their farm to regenerative methods in the year following the training session
  • show passion for regenerating the health of our soils, rural communities, and ecosystems
  • are based in one of the countries participating in our programme: Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Israel and Spain

About the training

The session combines theory, interactive workshops, and field visits. More importantly, farmers participating in our practical training will learn how to apply regenerative agriculture techniques on their farms.

See the regenerative grazing course in Spain:

See the training session in Bulgaria

Key topics of the training:

  • minimal soil disturbance - no-till farming
  • cover crops and crop rotation
  • reduction or elimination of agrochemical inputs
  • keyline design
  • composting and biofertilisers
  • integration of livestock and plants
  • cycle management: carbon, water, nitrogen and minerals
  • holistic management of a farm
  • developing a robust business model and alternative sales channels.

About the advisory programme

After the training, a selected number of participating farmers will receive a 3-year individual advisory from an experienced regenerative agriculture agronomist. Through regular visits, the agronomists will work with participating farmers to design and implement an action plan to transition to regenerative agriculture and meet the farmer’s environmental, economic, and personal goals.

The 3-year individual advisory transition programme includes:

  • biological and chemical soil analysis on selected parcels
  • preparation of individual transition plans for the farm
  • minimum two visits of agronomist annually on each farm
  • remote support of agronomists.

To deliver tailored quality support for our farmers, we collaborate with experts in each country that know the specifics of the crops and livestock, environmental conditions, and local regulations.

EIT Food offers a free support programme to help farmers transition to regenerative agriculture.

Please find below available training, webinars, and events, which will help you to gain more knowledge about regenerative agriculture, share your experience with other farmers and successfully scale your farm towards a sustainable venture.

The Regenerative Agriculture Manual

The manuals are written for farmers who are ready to implement regenerative practices. Knowledge and examples contained in these documents will help you make the switch to regenerative agriculture reducing risks and costs while improving the productivity and resilience of your farm. It is a practical resource designed to support farmers as they transition, combining EIT Food experts’ advice with the expertise of your farm, land and context.

In the manuals you will find topics of interest to all farmers who want to know whether regenerative agriculture will give them the tools they need to build healthy soils and produce nutritious food, all while earning a decent living.

Dedicated manuals

We know that in each country, different crops might have better chances to grow; the same applies to livestock farming. That is why we have prepared various dedicated manuals. You can choose which one interests you and download it.

Please let us know what other crops you would like to learn about: grains and legumes, vineyards, livestock, market vegetables?
We are here for you. This is your Regenerative Agriculture Manual.

Project lead

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Melissa Comellas

Regional Programme Manager

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Project Manager Agrifood Programmes

Weronika Kosiń EIT Food North & East

Project Manager Agrifood Programmes

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Oksana Hrynevych EIT Food South

Agriculture Project Manager

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Kathryn Miller

Senior Innovation Programme Manager

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