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For agrifood companies and farmer cooperatives interested in improving the resiliency of their supply networks and meeting the UN’s sustainable development goals related to climate change, responsible production and human health and well-being, EIT Food offers a series of services to help your suppliers adopt regenerative agriculture practices. We are already working with some of the largest agrifood companies worldwide and would be delighted to help your company transform to regenerative practices too.

Farmer training and technical assistance. EIT Food works with interested agrifood cooperatives and businesses to help their supply chain transition to regenerative agriculture. Through our farmer-to-farmer training program, we teach farmers how to apply the 5 core principles of regenerative agriculture on their farms:

  • Minimum soil disturbance – no-till farming
  • Crop rotation and diversity
  • Reduction or elimination of chemical inputs
  • The integration of livestock and plants
  • Understand your local environmental context

Following the training course, the company’s suppliers will receive 3 years of advisory services provided by experienced agronomists. In periodic visits the agronomist will work with the participating producers to design and implement an action plan to transition to regenerative agriculture and meet the farmer’s environmental, economic and personal goals.

Procurement strategy consulting. EIT Food helps farmer cooperatives and agrifood businesses design regional procurement strategies that share the benefits and the initial costs of the transition to regenerative agriculture among all actors in a supply network.

EIT Food advises agrifood businesses on how to adopt regional and holistic approaches to procurement instead of managing each crop as an independent supply line. Suppliers in the same regions may be able to share ecosystems services, know-how and logistics. All these factors must be taken into account to regenerate the land and the economies of farming communities and in the process ensure their resilience and long-term viability for the clients that depend on them.

Businesses also can receive advise on how to create long term incentives to help their suppliers mitigate the risks and offset the initial costs of the transition to regenerative agriculture. This assistance will ensure the long term profitability of regenerative farming businesses so that everyone in the supply network can benefit from ecosystem services that they are providing.

Ecosystem measurement services: To achieve successful outcomes it is essential that companies be able to measure the impact of the regenerative practices that their suppliers are implementing. In order to evaluate the progress of farmers and ranchers in adopting regenerative production methods EIT Food measures:

  • Soil health – biodiversity and carbon content
  • Water infiltration
  • Above ground biodiversity
  • Farmer resiliency and profitability
  • Benefits to farming communities

Access to knowledge and innovation communities of regenerative farmers: Farmers learn best from other farmers. For this reason EIT Food is in the process of creating a forum for regenerative farmers interested in sharing their experiences and successful practices with others who aspire to follow their path.

If you are interested in helping your supply chain transition to more regenerative agriculture methods, please contact us using the details below.
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