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When your company is interested in:

  • having reliable suppliers of sustainable and quality food
  • improving the resiliency of your supply network,
  • having a positive impact on the environment, responsible production, human health, and well-being,
  • meeting the UN’s sustainable development goals related to climate change

We at EIT Food can support you in achieving those goals. We offer a series of services to help your suppliers adopt regenerative agriculture practices.

Why regenerative farming can change the future

Farmers are the first link in the food supply chain. Encouraging them to use regenerative agriculture methods supports the resiliency of the crops. It’s beneficial for the agro-industry to have suppliers who can adapt to adverse climate conditions.

Thanks to regenerative agriculture, all stakeholders benefit. Farmers gain by lowering production costs and increasing the quality of nutrients. Conscious consumers can choose healthier products from sustainable sources. Agrifood companies, which cooperate with regenerative farmers, contribute to supporting their welfare and taking care of the environment.

One of the UN Agenda 2030 targets is a constant reduction of CO2 emissions, which countries and businesses must do. Regenerative farming helps to achieve that goal and to show results in ESG (Environmental, social, and governance) reports. And having an ESG strategy with measurable effects makes an agrifood company a reliable and less risky partner for financing institutions.

We are already working with some of the largest agrifood companies worldwide and would be delighted to help your company transform into regenerative practices. EIT Food is an innovation agency for the development of regenerative agriculture, and we want to build and support a network of sustainable primary producers and food manufacturers.

If you are interested in helping your supply chain transition to more regenerative agriculture methods, please contact us.