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New Agventures

The New AgVentures programme is a one stop shop for companies from the Central-Eastern Europe to get to know trends, look for solutions to make their supply chain more resilient and learn from their peers.

The programme picks top market-asked-for areas of innovation among EIT-Food’s missions and priority areas to support the agrifood industry in innovating.


Background - why we created New Agventures

We face some vast challenges in the region:

  • Disturbed food supply chain (COVID-19, war in Ukraine, economic crisis);
  • Aversion to risk – low level of innovativeness;
  • No horizontal and vertical integration of the agri-food sector;
  • Pressure on environment. Climate change – result and impact.

Our objectives

Increased transparency, resilience & responsiveness of the industry & their chain through collaborative adoption of innovation. Integration and joint work towards more sustainable practices.

Who is it for?

  • Agrifood Corporates from Central-Eastern Europe
  • Executives with roles related to innovation, sustainability, procurement, innovation, business development, research.

What is there for you?

Toolkits, manuals, events, workshops… and more.

  • 20 06 2023 - Kick off event: CEE Agrifood Decarb. Innovations for decarbonization of the food system -
  • Manual on implementing innovations aimed at the decarbonization of the food value chain (stay tuned - more information soon)
  • Corporate Venturing workshop for R&D and innovation officers from food industry in the CEE to introduce the idea of corporate venturing, showcase good practices and help taking practical steps (October/November 2023)
  • Dedicated webinars - e.g. carbon farming, regenerative agriculture (last quarter of 2023)

Project lead

Ewa Karo ülewska166
Ewa Karólewska EIT Food North & East

Senior Project Manager on Startup Support

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