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Los Salvacomidas

Los Salvacomidas is the answer to all your problems. Well, it is not but it is for children’s malnutrition and food waste.

The project teaches and educates children the meaning of a healthy
diet and “Zero waste” for a healthful future.


Malnutrition is one of the biggest issues of our society and sadly, children are suffering the most. What kind of future will children have if they don’t know how to eat properly?

Concerned about the problem, a group of companies and associations have created “Los Salvacomidas”, a project that aims to teach and educate children from a very young age, the basic knowledge and skills of nutrition that will shape their years to come. Also, an important highlight of the initiative is that they promote ”zero waste” movement. 

But nothing can be achieved if they don’t act, thus “Los Salvacomidas” have carried out some initiatives through the years:

COVID – 19

During the world pandemic, “Los Salvacomidas” provided 60.000 children’s menus to families in need. The menus also included educational material to teach healthy eating habits.

Robin Food

Robin Food, a project created by EIT Food, gives work to vulnerable collectives who offer new life to those leftovers, transforming them into new food products, for example vegetable soups. The food products are being launched in Spain, The Netherlands and Belgium.

Salvacomidas Mission

On its duty to rise awareness about healthy eating habits and zero waste, Los Salvacomidas go out into the streets to find new Salvacomidas agents. To do so, they prepare several activities that foster engagement among children. These activities offer a safe place for children, so they can gather knowledge and reflect about global issues, such as obesity or food waste.

Education Programme 

This is an innovative education programme open to children (6 to 12 years). The programme fosters nutritional education and “zero waste” politics through original and interactive activities, as well as educative school projects. 

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Are you still interested? If you want to join, contact us through

Project lead

Miriam Sastre EIT Food South

Director of Communication and Events

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