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Nutribox is an e-commerce platform offering a smart, quick, nutritionally balanced and safe food selection targeted towards different consumers, including those under dietary restriction schemes.


Ready for launching an innovative upgraded HEALTHY NUTRIBOX E-Commerce targeting vulnerable

Nutribox is an e-commerce platform offering a smart, quick, nutritionally balanced and safe food selection targeted to different categories of consumers also including those under a dietary restriction scheme. It presents numerous advantages, low costs connection with experts in the field of food and nutrition and possibility to widen the audience through dedicated dissemination channels. In brief, nutribox platform allows the adhering company and industry to catalogue their products in organised categories addressed to vulnerable individuals and people with specific needs or preferences reaching new market segments (people affected by non-communicable diseases, millennials, people interesting in wellness and healthy lifestyle).

The aim of this project is filling the gap between the applied research and the market on future behaviours of selecting foods; final consumers, with special regard to vulnerable individuals, will be  supported in making the proper selection fulfilling the nutritional daily intake through smart and comprehensible labelling. This will be achieved by optimising and implementing a e-commerce platform previously developed in EIT funded project ICONSS (DEL02) through a) an informative questionnaire tracing consumers habits and food preferences in different geographical areas; b) selection of products derived from alternative sources that will be added to the nutriboxes to reach a variety of categories of consumers; c) selection of food will contain sustainable foods produced by green processes and limiting the use of chemical additives and preservatives; these latter indeed reduce environmental impact and enhance public trust in the food system trough the achievement of foods with high levels of safety; d) optimization of the payment system and streamlining the starting survey; e) identification of additional categories of vulnerable consumers to reach new market segments.

A cross-sectional collaborations among partners will allow to have a wider view on countries belonging to three CLC (south, central and north east) with different consumers habits. This will facilitate and promote the circularity of knowledge and the enhancement of procedures and products (i.e. new boxes prototypes) that will fill the gap between producer, resources and consumer needs, and social response in time of pandemics, in line with EIT Food Strategic Objectives (SO) both on consumers engagement as active partners in the food system time of pandemics, and consumers engagement as active partners in the food system.

Task of activity will include: Task1: project management and optimisation of the nutribox based on nutritional indications (activity leader CNR); Task 2: platform implementation and validation; market research and establishment of connection between platform and food industries (activity leader NX-food); Task 3: exploiting partner improving the platform, optimising the API and the payment system (activity leader INNOVATIVE LAB); Task 4 dissemination and survey (e.g. by a questionnaires for consumers) to test the choices of consumers to identify the new three categories of consumers, graphical editing of the platform (activity leader INDRIT DOMI)

Nutribox platform targets both vulnerable people or consumers under dietary restrictions and food retailers, catering for restaurants, hospitals, public and governmental institutions, etc. Both will be connected through the e-commerce service also endowed with Smartphone application after collecting different permissions, user access to specific data, resources, etc.

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