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Healthricous will introduce a digital solution that makes shopping, cooking and keeping track of the daily food intake easy and accessible


As part of the EIT’s Crisis Response Initiative, this activity directly contributes to the European Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The more COVID-19 is studied, the more it becomes clear that there is a link between the impact of the virus and the health status of patients. On top of that, anxiety regarding the virus and changes in activity levels may cause weight gain. The aim of this project was to introduce a digital solution that makes shopping, cooking and keeping track of one’s daily food intake easy and accessible, taking personal preferences, intolerances and allergies into account. In addition, this science-based app provides inspiration for recipes, shopping lists, alternatives in case of allergies and intolerances and basic FAQ's. The app is tailored towards consumers who are not yet ready to seek professional advice, but aware they must change their lifestyle, empowering them to pursue a healthy and balanced diet.

Project update

Healthtricous is an App-based solution which helps people choose a healthy, ​balanced diet in a convenient way. ​The App offers recipes, shopping lists, meal planning and nutritional guidance. It was launched in the Belgian market in late 2020, with plans to expand to the Netherlands and France. The App already has 10k monthly active users. 


Project lead

Ellen Verhasselt
Ellen Verhasselt

Project Lead

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