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Introducing the diverse range of knowledge and skills that can be acquired through EIT Food Education.


About these live online event series

"All You Can Learn" was created in 2023 to provide learning opportunities for anyone interested in food, food innovation, and sustainability. This event series includes multiple live sessions that allow participants to interact with course educators and explore various short courses on offer. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to embark on your learning journey with EIT Food Education.

Each session focuses on a specific course, and features a presentation, Q&A session, and expert advice to enlighten participants on what they can gain from EIT Food short online courses and address any doubts. 

"Focus Talks" was created in 2024 to provide deeper dives into content and themes covered in our online courses. Although the target audience is course completers, all learners can participate to engage with new ideas to shift mindsets and change daily practices. 

You will also learn about the various learning resources available to support your studies and the different ways you can engage with the EIT Food Lifelong Learners community.

Focus Talks #1 Food Waste

This premiere episode, dated 29 February 2024, brought together speakers from the hotel and restaurant industry, food banks, and community organizations to shed light on the challenges surrounding food waste and how the general public can contribute to solutions. Also featuring learners who completed the online course "From Waste to Value: Tackling Food Waste", we came up with actionable strategies for reducing food waste through insights from different industries. Watch the video or follow the link to our youtube channel to learn more about the societal impacts of food waste and how you can be part of the solution.

We thank the following speakers and organizations for their support:

David Leyssens, Directeur, FoodWIN

Marine Thizon, Public Affairs Manager, HOTREC

Vincenzo Palumbo, Project Area Manager, Banco Alimentare

AYCL #1 Nutrition for Health and Sustainability

In this episode, dated 4 April 2023, we explored the transformative power of healthy eating habits on both human and planetary health.

Designed initially for medical students and healthcare professionals, this course provides valuable insights into the latest scientific research on chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. You will learn strategies for implementing sustainable dietary practices in both personal and professional settings to improve patient outcomes in clinical settings.

However, this course is not just for medical professionals; anyone with an interest in food, nutrition, and sustainability can benefit from it. We will explore how the food we eat affects our daily lives and the environment, highlighting the importance of sustainable dietary practices.

AYCL #2 Sustainable Seafood: Barriers and Opportunities in the Fishing Industry

In this episode, dated 8th of June 2023 (World Oceans Day), we explored the environmental and social impacts of different fishing practices and discover sustainable approaches and innovations.

This course is designed for anyone interested in learning more about the environmental and social impacts of the fishing industry.

You will learn strategies for implementing sustainable fishing practices, considering the social and economic impacts on local communities, and improving the quality of the seafood supply chain.

AYCL #3 The Human Microbiome

The human microbiome is everywhere. A trending topic in the news, health and wellness social media, and in your doctor’s office, not only is everyone talking about it, but it is also inside all of us.

In this episode, date 30 November 2023, we talked with Professor Luca Cocolin and Researcher Marta Oliveres, who have spent their professional lives studying how microbiota affects our bodies. As the lead course educators for our online course, The Human Microbiome, they were able to lead an interesting and sometimes funny discussion about the 10 to 100 trillion symbiotic microbial cells that reside in each of us. Watch the clip below to learn how this community of bacteria, viruses, and fungi play a crucial role in human physiology, health, and disease.

Project lead

Pamela Pokorny
Pamela Pokorny

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