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What's new in AMPLE? Here you will be up-to-date with everything that is happening in the programme: kick-off announcement, the start of the training courses, boost vouchers beneficiaries, and more! Stay tuned for more updated information 👇


EIT Food and Citi Foundation starting the new Ample Programme

On October 2023 EIT Food launched its new programme that received $500,000 funding from Citi Foundation to improve food security and accessibility in vulnerable communities ⬇️

Ample launches with a delicious course in Cooking & Food Handling

After months of cooking, the programme of EIT Food focused on food security has seen the light in April with over 30 participants ⬇️

AMPLE Culminates Courses with a Food Networking Event in Madrid

On June 12, 2024, EIT Food and Action Against Hunger held the final session of the Agrifood Entrepreneurship course, aiding vulnerable communities in developing business ideas. ⬇️

Project lead

Anna NW image
Anna Traylor

Strategic Programmes

Nestor Etxaleku02
Nestor Etxaleku EIT Food South

Regional Project Manager

Leticia Lopez EIT Food South

Community Outreach Manager

Irene Mendoza02
Irene Mendoza EIT Food South

Regional Communication Officer

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