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Ample launches with a delicious course in Cooking & Food Handling

After months of cooking, the programme of EIT Food focused on food security has seen the light in April with over 30 participants

11 Apr 2024


AMPLE finally sets foot on land in April to bring food security to the vulnerable communities of Madrid by the hand of EIT Food, Entreculturas and Pueblos Unidos.

The programme created by Anna Traylor, Programme Manager of AMPLE, embraces people in risk of exclusion (immigrants, women, youngsters, and unemployed) with 3 rounds of courses, each of them centered in different areas of the agrifood sector: cooking, agriculture, and entrepreneurship.

On 4 April, Leticia López, Community Outreach Manager at EIT Food, welcomed a pre-launch workshop for volunteers regarding food waste and healthy eating habits. The workshop was held by Ana Victoria Pardo Fuentes, nutritionist at Privada Global Incorporated.

The individuals who have attended the cooking course have shown a lot of interest in learning not only about cooking but also about nutrition and how to make the most of food to avoid waste and promote savings

- Leticia López, Community Outreach Manager at EIT Food

The launching day, April 8th, AMPLE opened the doors to 11 participants with different backgrounds looking for a better future. Same as the prior workshop, Leticia López, along with Maryory Cortez de Nichols from Pueblos Unidos and Ana María Avella from Entreculturas, walked with participants throughout the day. Pardo Fuentes was also present, sharing her knowledge on nutrition and sustainability. The other half of the session, the kitchen was the main character where they began to put Spanish cuisine into practice.

The Cooking & Food Handling Course will be running until the end of the month, and it will close with a ceremony, where participants will obtain an official certificate from Caritas on Food Handling.

Meanwhile, the Regenerative Agriculture Course, co-created with Germinando and in collaboration with Barrios Productores and Madrid City Council, will have started mid-April. New participants will enjoy 8 theoretical-practical sessions on sustainable agriculture and urban gardening, with an extra session visiting Barrios Productores. As well, over 2 sessions, Mario González-Mohino Palacios will be with us as a guest expert on regenerative agriculture.

The Agrifood Entrepreneurship Course, the last course of AMPLE co-created with Acción Contra el Hambre, will have to wait until mid-May to welcome new players who want to grow their business ideas. Experts from ACH, Citi and the Basque Culinary Center will teach in 8 sessions how to take the first steps in agrifood entrepreneurship.


If you want to learn more about food security, opportunities for vulnerable communities, and AMPLE overall, stay tuned to our Project Page. New content will come soon! entre

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