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PHENOILS. New technologies implementation in RIS regions’ olive oil mills for healthier olive oil extraction

PHENOILS. New technologies implementation in RIS regions’ olive oil mills for healthier olive oil extraction

This programme incorporates new physical technologies in the extraction of the virgin olive oil process in order to produce oils with a higher amount of minor components with higher preventive effects such as polyphenols and tocopherols. 

Nowadays, there is a growing global demand of olive oil thanks to the last studies about the benefits of Mediterranean Diet and the global trend toward the adoption of healthier sources of fat.  

Olive oil competition is higher than ever. Not only due to the different seed oils such as sunflower, rapeseed or soybean, but also for the new fancy oils as avocado, sesame or coconut. Best way to increase market share is to focus on olive oil singularities, mainly organoleptic characteristics (hedonic pleasures) and the healthy effect of its minor components. 

These effects have been well demonstrated, as PREDIMED trial as the most complete example, even with an EFSA health claim about polyphenols. However, less than 0,1% of the market available can or are using that claim because does not reach the minimum amount requested or are no able to guarantee that amount during the product shelf-life. Only a minimal number of premium oils are using that claim, it is a very niche oil with prices 200-300% the price of regular extra virgin olive oil, mainly due to the high cost of production. 

This is the perfect breeding ground for introducing new technological developments as our Project aims.


  • New extraction technologies pilot plant trials.
  • Extracted olive oil physical-chemical and organoleptic parameters evaluation.
  • Olive oil shel-life and mathematical predictive modelling.
  • Study of economic a commercialization feasibility of the technologies.
  • Professional educational program.


  • Study of the evolution of minor compounds of different virgin olive oil obtained during campaign 2019-2020 in 4 different countries (Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece):May 2020 
  • Pilot plant trials of the new technologies in Italy, Spain and Portugal: September-November 2020 
  • Extracted olive oil physico-chemical and organoleptic parameters evolution: October-November 2020 
  • Olive oil shelf life and mathematical predictive modelling: November-December 2020 
  • Study of economic and commercialization feasibility of the technologies. November-December 2020 
  • Educational programme: October-November 2020 
  • Master degree in Science and Technology of Oils and Fermented Beverages Program carried out by CSIC in collaboration with the University Pablo de Olavide (Seville). 
  • STF0028- Metodologie di sviluppo di processo farmaceutico (IV course of Degree on pharmaceutical chemistry and technology). 
  • STF0243-a.l. Nuove tecnologie per estrazione e sintesi di composti naturali bioattivi (Degree on pharmacy).
  • BIO0189 - Enabling technologies in drug synthesis and processing (Degree on molecular biotechnology)


  • The urgency and usefulness of innovation in the olive oil industry will be conveyed.
  • New physical technologies in the extraction process will be incorporated in order to produce oils with a higher amount of minor components.
  • Local olive oil producers will be able to produce high added-value olive oil and converge in competitiveness. 
  • Students and producers will be provided with toolsets, training and expert support to adapt and implement the innovative solution.


The following partners are involved in the project

University of Turin

Project Lead

Rocío Rubio


Contact details

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