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Responsible Fishing - Are We In Too Deep?

Is there an urgent need for us to look at fish farming with fresh eyes and fresh ideas? Matt Eastland is joined by Dan Watson (CEO and Co-Founder of SafetyNet Technologies) and Tony Chen (CEO and Co-Founder of Manolin) to discuss whether the fishing industry needs change and how their new technologies are helping usher in a new era of responsible farming.

07 Oct 2022


Over a fifth of the world’s population relies on fish as its primary protein, but a fifth of fish caught is bycatch – unwanted fish or marine life caught while fishing for other species. If we continue fishing as we are, we risk upsetting the balance of oceanic biodiversity.

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The need for transparency within the fishing supply chain is key to convincing consumers to support sustainable fishing solutions but prompting consumer change is not enough. Change needs to be enacted at the legislative level, backed by commercial pressure from supermarkets and suppliers.

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Fish welfare goes hand in hand with resource usage and environmental impact. Unlike many other types of farming, it’s extremely difficult to quarantine fish, making technology an essential tool for staying ahead of diseases.

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