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The Big Takeaway Series 3

It’s that time again! Matt is back with another Big Takeaway Episode, picking out some of the standout moments in Series 3 from food loss and regenerative agriculture, to protein diversification and tackling inequality in the food system.

11 Mar 2022



  • Producing food sustainably is possible, but we need to stop wasting food first, then we need to scale it up using more sustainable agriculture approaches, such as regenerative agriculture, to feed our growing population.
    Discover more:
    Episode 77: Food loss in farming: the invisible threat to sustainability
    Episode 73: Regenerative agriculture: starting out
  • We need to promote healthy diets by appreciating the real value of food we eat. We can’t let money and speed dictate our diets – diversifying our protein sources could be a big part of the solution.
    Discover more:
    Episode 85: Making better choices: how to achieve the ideal diet
    Episode 83: Naturally Meaty Meat Alternatives
  • To fix our food system we need to embrace diversity and inclusion, and all work together to ensure we make the most of the best talent and the best opportunities.
    Discover more:
    Episode 65: Addressing gender bias: how to build an equitable food system
    Episode 84: The future of food with EIT Food’s FutureFoodMakers

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