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Serbia is the number two producer of raspberries in the world

Agriculture at the heart of the country’s economy

Serbia’s fertile land and natural conditions for agricultural production. The major agricultural land is in the northern part of the country Agriculture in Serbia is an engine for development of rural areas. Agriculture’s contribution to Serbia’s GDP remains high. In 2016, agriculture accounted for 11.9 percent of GDP.

Approximately 60 percent of Serbia’s agricultural land is used for cereal crop production including corn, wheat, barley, sunflowers, soya, and sugar beets. Agriculture is also the most important export sector in Serbia.

Room for Improvement

Serbia needs to define budgetary incentives and adopt laws and rulebooks that facilitate agricultural development, as well as greater farmer training and exposure to new technologies. Serbian agrifood sector could benefit from achieving current European standards and EIT Food can help them follow the right course.

EIT Food HUB in Serbia: SEE ICT (Startit), Belgrade

Startit is building the Serbian tech and startup community by leveraging its dominant tech media outlet with up to 100.000 readers every month, the biggest nation-wide network of tech community spaces which garner 25.000 visits to 500 events per year and longest-running startup accelerator which was the first European partner in Google’s new global acceleration program.

Serbian cuisine is a heterogeneous cuisine. It is blend of Mediterranean flavours with the heartier eating habits of Central Europe.

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EIT Food hub for Serbia

SEE ICT (Startit)
Savska 5/1 /(Startit centar)
Belgrade 11000

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