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RIS Consumer Engagement Labs

RIS Consumer Engagement Labs

RIS Consumer Engagement Labs are pre-competitive co-creation sessions carried out by a similar group of consumers (selected based on specific segmentation criteria) in a joint, physical place and limited in time, focused on ideation/ development of new product concepts. 

Unlike typical sensory panels and consumer surveys, they will not involve testing of sample products but creation of innovative, non-yet-existing combinations of product features and benefits. The Lab methodology is developed jointly by industrial and academic experts, and activities are pre-competitive in nature, i.e. multiple companies could be inspired by insights into consumer preferences. In 2019, the Labs will be organized in Poland, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain, engaging older consumers (aged 60+). The activity contributes to the implementation of EIT Food RIS Strategy, Action Line 2 by strengthening the innovative ecosystems of targeted EIT RIS countries.


The following partners are involved in the project

Aarhus University

Project team

Krzyszto Klincewicz

University of Warsaw

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