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REPAK  -  entrepreneurial summer school in packaging sustainability

REPAK -  entrepreneurial summer school in packaging sustainability

We have an urgent need to deliver innovative food packaging solutions that will be more sustainable. 

Do you want to innovate with sustainable packaging concepts?


The purpose of the summer school is to discuss the latest developments in sustainable food packaging, and train talent with a more holistic approach to food packaging business entrepreneurship.

This summer school responds to the needs of the new circular economy and create start-up ideas.This is an urgent need that requires tremendous collaborative efforts, in an environment still very fragmented, from municipalities recycling policies, to consumer demands, to technical challenges in supply chain and distribution, and of course, food quality and safety of the product. 

The program, targeted to talented Master, PhD students and young professionals, offers a unique 20 day program that allows students to experience creating thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship, with the final objective of translating their findings into real-world business solutions. Training will be delivered through a mix of  guest lecturers from industry and academia, and group work, to allow participants to generate an idea,  strengthen it with the help of qualified mentors, and pitch it in a professional setting.  There will be two awards for the best solutions!


The participants will be able to:

Explain and Interpret state of the art knowledge in food packaging, including materials, food safety and quality aspects, challenges in decreasing waste, circularity (recyclability, reusability).

Integrate multidisciplinary knowledge on the circular economy of food packaging.

Develop a business idea using entrepreneurial skills using a business canvas specially prepared for packaging sustainability,  and present the idea in a professional setting to industrial partners.


The program will have 2 weeks of on line learning combined with 5 days of intensive class learning (on line).  This approach will give the participants time to update on the state of the art, and generate ideas to be then tested during the week long bootcamp.

All participants will be exposed to qualified mentors, and will work in multidisciplinary teams, to develop, test and pitch their ideas.  They will be building their business case using state of the art entrepreneurship tools.


This program is for talented Master, PhD students and young entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, interested in bulding new sustainable packagingn solutions for food.

APPLY     Applications must be submitted by Tuesday June 30th, 2020


Online platform for the summer school will open July 25th, 2020.  

The bootcamp will start August 17, and final event will be held August 21, 2020.  The event will be held on line.  


The following partners are involved in the project

Aarhus University
University of Turin

Project Lead

Milena Corredig

University of Aarhus

Contact details

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