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From student to startup: how EIT Food is helping young entrepreneurs to have real impact in society

27 Nov 2019
EIT Food West
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Improving the food system requires innovative solutions that have real impact. However, achieving impact is challenging because the best ideas and talent often struggle to reach the open market and achieve impact at scale. At EIT Food, we are overcoming these obstacles by providing opportunities for students and entrepreneurs to learn the skills needed to transform the food system, develop scalable solutions with experts in the food industry, and ultimately have a positive impact in society.

Banabooms: a young startup reducing food waste one banana at a time

Startup Banabooms are an excellent example of how great ideas are being guided and accelerated through EIT Food’s education and entrepreneurship programmes. They took part in the EIT Food Circular Food Generator Track project as part of the University of Hohenheim team where they developed their product solution: a breakfast cereal made from surplus bananas to reduce food waste.

In this video, Banabooms Co-Founders Ines Kutzli and Inna Zhuravlova discuss their journey from students to startup, explaining how they have been able to develop their product into a viable business that also has genuine societal impact through reducing food waste.


How EIT Food is guiding and accelerating the ideas and passions of young entrepreneurs

Ines Kutzli explains how EIT Food has supported their journey: “I would advise young entrepreneurs and students to join EIT Food programmes [as they are] a great opportunity for students and young scientists like me to create solutions to the problems in our agrifood system”.

Highlighting the importance of student entrepreneurs like Banabooms, EIT Food Education Director Maarten Van Der Kamp says: “We’ve got some massive challenges coming ahead and we need young talent equipped with the right skills to be able to make a real positive impact in society”.

Are you a student wanting to achieve real impact in the food system? By joining the EIT Food community you can benefit from the latest online courses, accredited degrees and education programmes. Or are you a startup looking to accelerate and scale your agrifood business? Check out how EIT Food can support your startup through expert mentoring, tailor-made entrepreneurship programmes and easy-to-access funding.

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