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Women-led Initiatives

EIT Food focuses on supporting gender equity working along with women on different projects to help shape the future of the agrifood sector. Find here all the content related to this goal.

Although there has been a significant evolution in our society on achieving gender equality among all aspects of life, there’s still room for improvement.

On average, at bachelor's and master's levels, women outnumber men as students (54%) and graduates (59%), and there is almost gender balance at doctoral level (48%). However, disparities between study fields persist: women still represent less than a quarter of doctoral graduates in the ICT field (22%), while they represent 60% or more in the fields of health & welfare and education (60% and 67% respectively). Furthermore, in an entrepreneurial context, women-led businesses raise less venture capital than their male-only counterparts, including at the vital early-stage investments and the amounts that they raise tend to be lower.

Women bring diversity to teams, a wider perspective of society, innovation impact and unbiased view on startups from underrepresented communities. Since the beginning, EIT Food has been focused on supporting gender equality working along women on different projects and helping them shape the future of the agrifood sector. Here you will find all the content related to this goal.

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