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CEE Startup Portfolio

Welcome to the insightful report that unveils the intricate landscape of FoodTech & AgriTech startups in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. Our findings spotlight the dynamic use of cutting-edge technologies driving innovation, sustainability, and efficiency across the food supply chain.

06 Dec 2023

This report provides in-depth insights into the revolutionary strides made by the region's FoodTech & AgriTech pioneers, shedding light on the transformative landscape that is shaping the industry's trajectory.

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  • Multitude of FoodTech & AgriTech start-ups in the CEE region
  • Activities within CEE: size, venture capital, growth momentum
  • International success stories of technologically advanced CEE regions
  • Transformative insights from 2022 and the evolution of start-up ecosystems


Navigate Post-2022 Investor Trends in FoodTech and AgriTech
Explore nuances of early-stage and larger, lower-risk deals
Make informed decisions with a spotlight on EIT Food-backed startups


Catalyze your sustainability journey with EIT Food initiatives
Learn from success stories and global growth opportunities


Gain Strategic Insights into the diverse CEE FoodTech & AgriTech ecosystem
Identify collaborations, innovations, and investment opportunities
Align corporate strategies with evolving industry trends


Support CEE-Based Startups
Shape policies fostering innovation, economic growth, and sustainability.
Understand regional disparities for effective policymaking


Support startups and collaborate with governments for a resilient future
Understand technology's impact on reshaping the CEE food landscape

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