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SuReBar: Integrating innovative sugar and fibre technologies to produce clean label sugar reduced products, demonstrated through cereal bars

Sugar reduction in foods remains challenging; it is not only the sweetness of sugar but also the physical properties and cost that have to be matched.


Cereal bars are considered by many consumers to be a healthy snacking alternative, but in reality they often contain between 13% and 40 % sugar. In this project a new DouxMatok sugar-based technology (Incredo Sugar ingredient) will be developed to broaden its applicability to various other products.

The new DouxMatok sugar technology will be used in combination with fibres to achieve a successful replacement of sugar technological functionalities. Specifically, we will focus on the optimisation of texture, mouthfeel, sweetness and flavour balance on sugar reduced cereal bars. The solutions designed in this project will enable consumers to choose cereal bars that are substantially sugar reduced, clean label, no added high intensity sweeteners and with a desirable level of fibre, without negatively impacting their sensory appeal and potentially improving taste experience.


Project lead

Julia Rodriguez Garcia
Julia Rodriguez Garcia

University of Reading

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