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Pig Tracker: Commercialisation of a digital, farm to fork management, tracing and monitoring tool for the pig industry

Using future farming technology to transform pork production


Pig Tracker aims to transform pork production in the EU using an integrated technology based upon real-time monitoring of pigs. The technology will track pigs from birth to abattoir, as well as use an AI-driven predictive tool to predict pig weight and behaviour. 

Ensuring environmental sustainability and meeting the needs of an increasing number of consumers who are more conscious of their food sources are two huge issues currently facing the pork production sector.  

The Pig Tracker project will address these issues using a new system which monitors pigs in real time. The technology will use state-of-the-art video cameras to monitor individual pigs from birth to the abattoir, providing traceable, transparent information about where pork comes from and the conditions in which the pigs are reared.   

The technology will promote and certify positive animal welfare practices, support the rearing of healthier animals, and help farmers to manage their herds more efficiently.  

Importantly, it will promote transparency in the food chain, improving trust and supporting decision-making by consumers who are interested in where their food comes from and conscious of the conditions it is reared in.


Project lead

Annie spratt Y5pp MWV Ykk unsplash
Dalton, J (Luke)

Activity Leader

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