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Intellectual Property Management in the Food Sector: Safeguarding Your Trademarks in the Global Marketplace

Intellectual property is your company’s lifeblood. Learn what you need to do to safeguard it


The course will focus on:

  • Introduction to intellectual property management;
  • Ways to protect intellectual property in relation to food products;
  • Patents, Trademarks & Taste and smell marks;
  • Design protection;
  • Effective intellectual property protection on local and international markets

Who should join the course

Stakeholders from the food and drink industry - particularly those working in (or with) start-ups and SMEs.


The course will have multiple runs in 2019 and 2020.  

Learning objectives and outcomes

Once completed, participants will be able to:

  • Identify value and importance of intellectual property management in food sector industry, especially if you are engaged in start-ups or SMEs;
  • Evaluate limitations and expected sources of problems appearing when intellectual property is poorly managed;
  • Perform to make wise decisions about effective intellectual property protection on local and international markets;
  • Contribute in increasing food sector growth through newly obtained intellectual property management skills;
  • Engage in promoting best practices in protecting intellectual property among food managers and executives, especially those engaged in start-ups and SMEs.

How to join the course

This course is available on FutureLearn:


Project lead

20220328 WK167
Magdalena Marczewska

Project Lead (Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw)