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HarnessINg Seaweed to Produce Iodine-forRtifiEd organic milk (INSPIRE organic milk)

Iodine (I) deficiency is the greatest single cause of preventable brain damage, resulting in impaired intellectual ability and reduced school/work performance globally.


Iodised salt and milk are the main sources of I in human diets. However, organic milk is typically low in I and organic salt is not iodised. The project aims to identify and optimise the use of a sustainable seaweed supplement that is suitable for use in organic dairy cow diets, for the production of I-enriched organic milk. This will be achieved via animal trials, feed and milk analyses, and appropriate statistical modelling in the UK, Iceland, and Finland. The sustainable development of I-enriched organic milk can address the currently unmet nutritional need for I. Further implementation in conventional dairying can scale-up I-enriched milk production and benefit the greater population, particularly groups with higher I requirements (e.g. pregnant women, nursing mothers).


Project lead

Sokratis Stergiadis Pic

Sokratis Stergiadis

University of Reading

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