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End-to-end digitalised production test beds
End-to-end digitalised production test beds

End-to-end digitalised production test beds

Supporting the implementation of end to end production testbeds in order to foster the adoption of digital solutions by the food industry and increase the competitiviness of the sector.

This is a cross-KIC activity, coordinated by EIT Manufacturing together with EIT Digital and EIT Food. 

The main goal of this activity is fostering the adoption of digital solutions such as artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G by the European industry to remain competitive.

This project has been designed to support the establishment of innovative end-to-end, customer-centric testbeds for the food and beverage sector, covering the whole product life cycle. 

The demonstration of digital transformation, leveraging technologies such as AI and 5G, will highlight the benefits of digitalisation with regards to food waste and loss, production efficiency and supply chain management, among others.

In the longer-term, we hope that this will encourage a larger number of SMEs from various sectors to adopting digital manufacturing solutions.

Diagnosis of the food industry

The digitalisation and further processing of data through advanced tools can be of a great help in the decision-making process, leading to the interconnection of processes in what it is called smart processing methods. The European food industry is, however, still far from reaping up all the benefits of Artificial Integecente technologies, despite Europe having developed a robust computing infrastructure. 

Digital transformation is specially challenging for the food industry, where more than 90% of the companies are SMEs with limited resources and/or digital capabilities. 

To better understand the current situation, EIT Food together with several partners has gathered information on the level of digitalisation and use of Artificial Intelligence by the European food industry. A survey was sent to SMEs across Europe targeting the whole food value chain, from the primary to the retail sectors. In adition, several use-cases from market leaders have been gathered to understand the challenges gathered by the industry and the overall perception. 

One of the key findings was that access to practical learning environments, the so called test beds, where SMEs can gain hands-on experience and get to understand the potential retun on investment is a key driver for the digital transformation of any industry, and the overall adoption of Artificial Intelligence tools. 

Download the report to find out all the conclusions of the survey!

Are European Food SMEs ready for Artificial Intelligence?

Selected testbeds

This page will be soon uploaded with a summary of the projects that have been selected for 2021. Please, keep posted for updates!


The following partners are involved in the project

ART 21

Project Lead

Carmen Galindo

EIT Food, CLC South


Project Manager

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