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iFishCan - Intelligent Food Loss & Waste Monitoring for Fish Canning Industry

The testbed project iFishCan aims at create the the first mobile, low cost and reliable food waste and loss monitor, designed for the fish canning industry.

Project parters: AI Talentum, AZTI, foodintech, INESCTEC.

SAIFE- Safety testbeds through AI visiton for food production environment

The testbed project SAIFE aims at improving safety in intralogistic transports in the food industry by means of an innovative optical real time locating systems (RTLS). Different testbeds will be built up in both university and industrial environments.

Project parters: AI Talentum, art21, Technishe Universität Braunschweig, University of Twente.

TFOOD - Teaching factory for the food industry

TFOOD showcases how advanced manufacturing technologies, such as collaborative robots, and Industry 4.0 technologies, such as artificial intelligence and internet of things, can support the diary products industry at different phases of the product lifecycle.

Project parters: emphasis DigiWorld, LMS, Mevgal, Prima Additive.

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