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Co-creation sessions involving consumers and local companies, leveraging the innovative format that was successfully implemented by EIT Food in other countries, yielding ideas of new products addressing specific requirements of consumers that are subsequently introduced to the market by the local companies. The Labs are co-creation sessions carried out by a relatively coherent group of consumers in a joint, physical place and limited in time, focused on ideation/development of new product concepts. The sessions will be adapted to the challenges of the circular economy in Western Balkans connected to new food packaging concepts.


  • 2 local academic partners trained in labs processes consisting of series of interactions (introductory on-line workshops and main ideation sessions with follow up activities)
  • Research/NGOs and food retailers from 2 countries involved in local consortia selected in an open call
  • new concepts for circular economy solutions for logistics and food retail impacting more efficient use of resources and energy consumption, functionality and consumption habits


EIT Food is looking for 2 consortia consisting of 3 organisations operating in the same country (scientific organisation + food service provider + packaging company) that would participate in EIT xKIC Circular Economy Western Balkans project to locally implement Consumer Engagement Labs.

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