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e-Breakfast with

The webinar that has our EIT Food partners talking!

Do you want to know more about EIT Food Partners?Are you lost in which activities partners are involved or what is their role in EIT Food?

Do not miss our online webinars!


Our "e-Breakfast with..." offers the ideal space to listen, think and discuss with other partners. During the time of a breakfast partners will have the chance to discover what other partners do, raise their questions, and share insights about the work they are doing. Therefore, we will be able to better understand the EIT Food world and share the change we are fostering in agrifood

This webinar arose out of the concerns of several EIT Food partners letting us know that there was much unawareness of the work that other partners are doing. Therefore, we decided to organise short monthly webinars for partners, every first Wednesday of each month, where partners could present their companies and projects




*Agenda, organisation & moderation by EIT Food CLC South 

In conversations with CLC South, we explained that it was necessary to improve the knowledge regarding the expertise of the partners. Although we have been partners of EIT Food from the beginning, we had not had the chance to introduce ourselves properly so we had the feeling that many collaboration opportunities were being lost since we were only partially aware of the activities that the partners could develop.Thanks to the E-Breakfasts we can discover unknown areas of activity of other partners and at the same time they are a great occasion to explain our potential in more detail. Improving the knowledge of the partners is essential to find more opportunities to work together."

- MAITE MURUZABAL, Grupo An Director

Thank you for the great initiative and excellent organization of the e-Breakfast event series, and particularly the one I was given the opportunity to present the Technion, and its successful activities within the EIT FOOD

- YOAV D. LIVNEY, Professor at Technion

Project lead


Miriam Sastre EIT Food South

RIS Communication Manager
Retratos EIT 005 1

Izaskun Valle EIT Food South

Junior Office Manager