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Connecting agrifood experts across Europe and beyond
Connecting agrifood experts across Europe and beyond

Connecting agrifood experts across Europe and beyond

The EIT Food Agrifood Futures Community brings together agrifood experts from business, academia and research backgrounds to share and collaborate around the most pressing agrifood challenges.

The objective of this project is to connect experts for project collaboration and share their insights on some of the toughest challenges facing the agrifood industry.

The EIT Food Agrifood Futures Community is an exclusive group for experts with years of experience and knowledge in the agrifood sector interested in increasing their industry knowledge, expanding their professional network, finding project partners and new resources and exchanging experiences, opinions and ideas with their peers. This community is kept updated with interesting opportunities and information, as well as curated content from experts worldwide.

Why is this community important?

As the world’s population looks to surpass 9.7 billion by 2050, the agrifood industry is looking for innovative ways to approach feeding people worldwide. As socio-demographic changes shift demand, and the scarcity of natural resources and climate change challenge the current processes within the agrifood industry, the need for change has become apparent to more than just the experts.

The key to unlocking the problems the agrifood industry is facing is increasing agricultural productivity- with innovative ideas and tech and the funding to back it up. The opportunity within the industry has not gone unnoticed- investment is up 600% since 2012 and more and more entrepreneurs and tech experts have joined the effort for more sustainable food practices.

Open collaboration between leading agrifood experts across the industry will bring new insights and more impactful change to the industry. Project opportunities, mentorship programmes and roles and exclusive content make this the ideal place to stay up to date with everything in agrifood.


Researchers are able to share insights guided by their research and learnings, expanding the community’s knowledge and inspiring engaging discussions on their findings. Stay up to date with new findings and potentially find your next project partner.

Entrepreneurs in the agrifood industry are shaking things up with their novel approaches to traditional techniques and their groundbreaking innovations aiming to solve the issues faced by the industry.

Industry experts know everything there is to know about their field of expertise and have spent years working in the industry.


Exclusive content is prepared for and shared with the community to keep members up-to-date with what’s going on in the agrifood industry. This content comes from the members themselves, as well as content curated with the group in mind by external experts.

Exciting opportunities are posted to the community, often by the organisers themselves. These opportunities include programmes for agrifood startups, as well as programmes for experts looking to become agrifood mentors. 

Calls for collaboration bring members together from all over the globe to work on projects in the agrifood. Experts offer insights and share experiences to aid each other- with every discussion having the chance to turn into something great. 


By connecting experts from all over the world, the group aims to encourage collaborative projects to tackle the issues facing the agrifood industry, such as feeding the growing population and innovating sustainable processes in agrifood.

Project Lead

Miriam Sastre

EIT Food, CLC South


RIS Communication Manager

Contact details

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