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Innovative biostimulants for sustainable fruit production from vegetable crops (BIOSUVEG)

Enhancing vegetable crop yields for sustainable food production


The BIOSUVEG project aims to make vegetable cultivation more environmentally and economically sustainable by enhancing crop yields under challenging environmental conditions.  

We have developed a product which enhances vegetable crop yields by increasing their resilience to environmental changes, and this project will enable us to thoroughly test and bring this product to market, making it available to a wide-range of producers for a wide-range of crops.  

The product we have developed is a biostimulant, which is derived from beneficial plant extracts which naturally boost plant resilience to conditions such as drought and nutrient stress.     

During the project we will optimise the formulation of the biostimulant and test it under different operational conditions, evaluating crop performance as both yield and nutritional quality. By the end of 2021, we will have taken the biostimulant to TRL7 (system prototype demonstration in operational environment). 


Project lead

Schubert, AS (Andrea)

Schubert, AS (Andrea)

Activity Leader

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