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Upcycling fruit pits to cut food waste

Luca Fichtinger, Co-Founder of Kern Tec, highlights the huge opportunity in the food industry for repurposing wasted side streams, and explains how his startup is creating novel products from surplus fruit pits.

24 Mar 2023


Roughly one-third of all food is currently wasted globally, and even more is lost via wasted “side streams” within food production processes.

Kern Tec is an Austria-based company creating novel products from these side streams, by converting fruit pits – especially from stone fruits such as apricot, plum and cherry – into novel food products.

Kern Tec’s products include speciality oils and plant-based milk alternatives. The upcycling food market is likely to expand in the future as regulations will offer more financial incentives for companies to cut food waste.

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