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The   INL   is   an   IGO   founded   by   the   governments   of  Portugal  and  Spain  aiming  the  deployment  of  Nanotechnology    addressing    society’s    challenges.    The research programme comprises 4 strategic fields of  application  of  nanoscience  and  nanotechnology:  Food,    Environment    monitoring,    ICT,    Renewable    Energy  and  Health.  The  full-fledged  nanotechnology  laboratory  enables  leading  research  of  the  highest  international standard.

Competences & Capabilities

The Research Domains of INL are: 

  • To develop innovative encapsulation technologies and solutions for bioactive, phage, drugs and gene delivery in food
  • To     develop     biosensors,     lab-on-a-chip     and     microfluidic-based  devices  for  food  and  water  analysis
  • To   develop,   characterise   and   understand   the   properties  and  structure/function  relationship  of  nanostructures.  The  main  topics  are:  packaging,  functionality  and  personalisation,  safety,  quality  and authenticity

Avenida Mestre José Veiga, 4715-330 Braga, Portugal


Paula Galvao

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Manipulation of contaminated food surfaces of fresh food such as fruit and some vegetables might represent a serious risk of spreading coronavirus during postharvest handling and at the retail level