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New Trainings Available for Download on AHFES Web Page

The AHFES Project offers new online training material from 2021

08 Nov 2021

The AHFES project, a European project funded by the Atlantic Area Programme, has the purpose of improving the overall competitiveness and growth of SMEs in the value chain of healthy food & lifestyles, contributing to enhancing a transnational innovation ecosystem.

What does the new modules offer?

The programme 3 is formed by 6 modules on Market development for healthy Food & Drink products. EIT Food has performed the Module #3 on Innovation in the Healthy Food & Drink Sector. Innovation is the practical implementation of ideas that results in the introduction of new goods or services or improvement in the offering goods or services. 

Module #3: Market Development for Healthy Food & Drink Products includes the following topics

  • What is innovation in the food drick sector?
  • Challenges for healthy food &drink innovation
  • Social trends & forecast, market opportunities

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