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Participate in the Citizen Engagement Activities Competition

EIT Food, CirEkon and NGO Green Home invite local opinion leaders from Serbia and Montenegro, that are passionate about Circular Economy, to apply and participate in the Citizen Engagement Activities Competition. It is a cross-sectoral competition designed to address critical environmental challenges and support the realization of the ideas that contribute to the community’s development and well-being

29 Nov 2021
EIT Food North & East

Who can apply?

  • Natural persons;

  • Representatives of civil society organizations;
  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Researchers, doctoral or master students;
  • Representatives of startups.

How to apply?

What to expect?

  • great build of your network of like-minded people throughout Serbia and Montenegro;
  • contact with people deeply involved in the domain of the circular economy;
  • significant follow-up activities in the years to come.

Interested and eligible persons are welcome to submit their applications!

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