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New podcasts series abouth water scarcity in Greece

Α podcast series to enhance knowledge and overcome current barriers to tackle water scarcity in Southern Europe!

02 Mar 2021
EIT Food South

When you hear the phrase "water scarcity", what images does it evoke? Deserts, drought, famine, Africa, Middle East...? Yes, these areas suffer from water scarcity but in Europe millions of people are also affected by water scarcity. 

Listen to a narrative story about water scarcity in Greece based on interviews and oral history accounts.

A topic as complex as this requires input from people across the world, since it affects literally everyone. Therefore, these podcasts engage with experts and laypeople alike, initiate a dialogue, and offer stories of failure, effort, and outstanding success. Most of all, real stories of how people handle the scarcity of what, everyone seems to agree, is a common good.

Introducing Season 1 of a mini series podcast in response to the EIT cross KIC project to find innovative solutions for water scarcity in Southern Europe. Season 1 focuses on Greece (and discussions are in Greek) and offers dialogues and stories to better understand the landscape of activities battling the water scarcity in Greece.

Find out more about the podcasts here.

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