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EIT Water: nearly 80% of the world’s population might be exposed to water insecurity due to climate change

The cross-KIC initiative - which brings together EIT Climate-KIC, EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing, and EIT Raw Materials - focuses on accelerating innovation commercialization of technological solutions for challenges faced at the intersection of water, climate, agriculture, and energy, to address the water scarcity problem.

31 Mar 2021
EIT Food South

Nearly 80% of the world’s population is exposed to high levels of threat to water security due to anthropogenic climate change.

Considerable changes in freshwater resources have been occurring across the globe, indicating a future in which already limited water resources will become even more precious.

The dramatically increased water demands resulting from increasingly uncertain climate conditions and growing population indicate the need for a holistic, intelligent decision-making framework that embraces cutting edge technological advancements, for managing water that is human-centric, socially equitable, economically efficient, and environmentally resilient, as advocated by the UN Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs (UN, 2015).

EIT Climate-KIC, EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing, EIT Raw Materials and Athena, BioAzul joint forces to face this real challenge with Finding innovative solutions for water scarcity in Southern Europe, a multiannual programme (2020-2022) to provoke change in the way we collectively use water sharing knowledge among a group of international experts called Body of Knowledge; nurturing innovations by supporting a 3 steps InnoWise Challenge Labs for bold entrepreneurs; powering education with a specialized Water Academy; telling new stories to engage people as agents of change.

Download the report see everything achieved last year:

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