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EWA Programme for the second time in Greece

At the end of the Programme, participants will pitch their ideas in a final contest where they can win up to €10,000 to finance their business idea

21 Jul 2022
EIT Food South

EIT Food, in collaboration with Industry Disruptors Game Changers as EIT’s Food Hub, has implemented the EWA - Empowering Women in Agrifood programme for second consecutive year in Greece. The programme will support 10 more women interested in the agrifood sector to develop their business or idea.

The main objective of the programme is to close the current gender gap between men and women entrepreneurs as the latter hardly have a leadership role in this sector. For six months, selected women are continuously supported to advance their projects, with specific online training and personalized business mentoring. In addition, they will access investors, experts and corporatives to take their businesses to the next level. Beneficiaries will have the chance to win up to €10,000.

Recruitment process

EWA Greece 2022 Call for applications was open from 12th May until 19th June 2022.

Intensive Dissemination Campaign was carried out through national media and our social media channels. Information about EIT Food and EWA Programme in Greece reached out to our national audience, organizations and educational institutions within the ecosystem were contacted as well as female entrepreneurs.

After a thorough evaluation process, the 10 best candidates were selected and invited to join the EWA programme.

Matchmaking event

After the selection process, the 10 women beneficiaries will have the opportunity to meet their mentors that will guide and support them throughout the programme. The purpose of the matchmaking event is for all participants to share their professional experience and the business ideas as well as to get to know each other better.

The date of the EWA Greece 2022 Matchmaking event will be announced soon.


  • Eleni Zotou - Agro-oil is a model innovative product of agrobiodynamic cultivation on perennial olives with a unique DNA worldwide
  • Chara Maggana - Creation of a model bee-related eco-tourism unit for the promotion of bee tourism to protect biodiversity/habitat at risk
  • Danae Antonopoulou - Strawberry production with the application of hydroponics
  • Vasiliki Moschou - Proelefsis is an agriculture supply chain management system using traceability tools, IoT, and blockchain technology to tell the real story behind agri-food product.
  • Elisabeth-Irene Michaelidou - Processing of olive oil production residues, fruit oils, herbs for soap production
  • Georgia Kalogri - Creation of a vertical farming production/cultivation unit for fresh vegetables and herbs in unused buildings - warehouses of Athens with the method of hydroponics.
  • Lena Apostolidou - The processing of primarily almonds for the production of almond butter, almond milk, almond slice, and almond flour.
  • Athina Kavaleri - Development of a cottage industry to market the products it produces (pulses, flour, tahini) under the Tera Vita brand
  • Ioanna Giavanoglou - Creation of tasty beverages from dried plant mixtures derived from the combination of aromatic and medicinal plants of high quality and certified origin. Creation of plant extracts based on vegetable glycerine (tinctures)
  • Despina Zacharaki - Placement of bins for the disposal of concrete rubbish in places where several pets go out on their daily walk (parks, pedestrian walkways) to collect and then composting them and disposing of the final product as organic waste substance for the nourishment of ornamental plants (not for human consumption) and as a material ground cover.

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